Why you need a running watch


Running is a good, healthy, and easy form of exercise that anyone can do without a gym membership or any combat or yoga class. While it might be hard at first, it is essential to have a log of your journey in running. This will help you to analyze and understand how you respond to the exercise, which later on can help you improve and strive in this activity. There are many ways you can keep track of your running events, from a mobile application, written log, to smartwatch. But here are four key reasons to why the running watch is what you need.


hqne38r7y39It has all the features that you needed in one place. GPS, tracking speed, distance, heartbeat, time, and many other stuff. But what is more important is, it has only the features that are related to running and the exercise. Compact means a running watch will have no distraction for other elements that would distract you from the event of running. For example, if you are using your phone and the application inside it to track your running activities, there is a good chance that you can get distracted by other functions that a phone has. So you can be sure, read these detailed Garmin watch reviews and find out for yourself how a running watch will suit you.


 jwojoh0Because the device has a specific purpose, it makes it the most efficient when it comes to doing what it supposed to do. You can wear it on your wrist and not have to worry about where you put it, whether it’s safe or not, or how it’s doing. Can you imagine if you have gone for running and you forgot your phone? Or if you lost it during running? Worse is if the application crash and your running data do not exist. Not saying that sports watch have no risk at all, but it does minimize the chance for anything wrong to happen during your run.


je2hn78tOkay, maybe what you have is a smartwatch. Can it withstand anything that could happen? Perhaps it’s starting to rain in the middle of your run, would you have to worry about the watch getting soaked and put it inside a bag? Or how robust is it if you accidentally drop it? The making of a running watch’s quality and durability includes the consideration of what could happen during your run and where you run. In conclusion, buying a running watch if you are a runner or going to be a runner will give you a good running experience.