How to join – LINKED HERITAGE – Coordination of Standards and Technologies for the enrichment of Europeana

How to join

Are you a cultural institution, research centre, university, SME, project? Are you interested in Linked Heritage activities and in being part of the Linked Heritage network?

Linked Heritage is open to collaborate with experts, institutions and other projects who are interested to establish a close cooperation in order to achieve the respective objectives. Contact us at info[at]linkedheritage[dot]org illustrating your competences and interests. You will receive an invitation to sign a Cooperation Agreement from the project’s coordinator (DOC,30 kb).

There are different ways of cooperating with Linked Heritage:

participate as content provider, by contributing to the ingestion of new items to Europeana;
participate to the debate of working groups;
disseminate information about Linked Heritage in the home country and beyond and contributing to the further enlargement of the Linked Heritage project.
The cooperation between external contributors and Linked Heritage project is formalised by means of a Cooperation Agreement, which clarifies its terms and conditions.

There are two different kinds of Cooperation Agreements, depending on the type of collaboration:

the first one (DOC, 830 kb) is dedicated to those party who are interested to participate to the activities of the Working Groups,
the second one (DOC, 862 kb) is thought for the institutions who are willing to become also LH content providers.
Choose the form of cooperation which best fits your interests! Two copies of the Agreement should be sent to the project coordinator, containing the data and signatures of the cooperating institution. After the coordinator’s signature, one copy will be sent back to the new cooperating institution.

Which are the benefits?

Be part of a new large Digital Cultural Heritage community, which includes representatives of all the key stakeholder groups from more than 20 EU countries, together with Israel and Russia: ministries and responsible government agencies, content providers and aggregators, leading research centres, publishers and SMEs
Upload your data to Europeana through the Linked Heritage gateway
Be invited to conferences and international workshops organised by Linked Heritage
Have access to the Linked Heritage deliverables, technical reports and other materials produced by the project in the frame of the scope of the Linked Heritage initiative
Make use of the Linked Heritage thesaurus and of the tools and technologies developed during the large scale implementation and validation of the best practice work of the project within academic and professional contexts
Participate in dissemination and training activities
For any further information, please contact the project coordinator at: info[at]linkedheritage[dot]org.

Cooperation agreements signed

Museum Plantin-Moretus /Prentenkabinet, Antwerpen
Republic of Croatia
Ministry of Culture
Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-W├╝rttemberg (BSZ)
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Lithuanian Art Museum, Vilnius
National Library of Serbia, Belgrade
Treelogic at Asturias
Center BALI (LTD), Kiev