Components of invisible fence technologies

Technology touches on every aspect of life. Years back, a story on anything about something like an invisible fence would seem impossible. Invisible barriers are now here with us and they work. Invisible fences are mostly used on pets. It is more or less a system that has a couple of elements that work together. To use an invisible fence, you need to have the installation done by a professional and all train your pet accordingly. That said, these write-up looks at the components of an invisible pet fence and how it all comes together.

Radio frequencies

pet training 3

Invisible dog fences use digital radio frequencies. As such, these radio frequencies are set in such a way that there is constant communication between the source and the receiver (collar) in a certain range. Use of digital radio frequencies tends to be more reliable than other analog frequencies. As such, this makes invisible fences efficient and safe.


A digital fence cannot work without a control panel. Ideally, this is the main source of the digital frequencies. It is often installed in a select location like your garage, from where it broadcasts these digital frequencies. The location chosen is usually a central one and should be preferably discreet to avoid interference.

Signal field

An underground cable often defines the signal field. The signal travels along the insulated cable, which is often buried around the property. The signal field created by the embedded cable often marks the boundary beyond which your pet is not allowed to go past. The control panel generates the field and detected by the receiver in the pet’s collar.


dog 23The pet’s collar is made in such a way that it reacts when the pet gets too close or on the boundary. Ideally, the collar acts like a radio that picks up the radio frequency waves sent from the control panel. When the pet crosses the signal field, it gets a specific audio tone or a static correction reminder meant to inform it that it is within the limits of the boundary. The level of communication or correction offered by collar can be customized to suit your pet’s training.

Use of invisible dog fences is only useful when the pet understands communication sent from the collar. Thus, as much as you have an invisible fence, you also need to ensure that your pet is well trained. The only way to get the best out of these barriers is to use the right training protocol for your pet.…