Top Considerations When Buying a Two-Way Communication Radio

Two-way radios are often associated with members of the armed forces. Many don’t subsequently see the need to buy one because they look at them as a contraband communication devices to have. This fact is true considering that there are countries where you can’t own a two-way radio unless you’re in the military, police force or a certified security firm. However, many of these restrictions are getting abolished, and you can now buy two-way radios from various reliable stores online. The governments are taking note of their significance in the day-to-day lives of ordinary citizens.

Non-military uses

two ways radios

Two-way radios can be used to monitor a toddler’s room. This means that you can check on the sleep status of your baby, especially if it sleeps in a room that’s far away from your bedroom. There are instances when you may want to attend the lawn or the kitchen garden while monitoring your baby’s sleep activities.

Hunting in a group is a fun activity that can go wrong at any minute. Splitting up in the woods to round up a wild animal is best attained through combined efforts which aren’t usually possible without the help of a two-way radio. The number of things that you can do with the radio, therefore, depends on your lifestyle as it pegs on your day-to-day activities. Below are top considerations when buying a two-way radio that befits your needs.

Network type

Some two-way radios work on FRS or GMRS frequencies while there are those that operate on UHF or VHF frequencies. The UHF and the VHF frequencies are commendable if you need to use it over a wider area. The GMRS two-way radios are, on their part, sophisticated enough to tap into a standard mobile phone network systems. While you can buy a two-way radio that uses any of these specific networks, it’s advisable to go for one that can be adjusted to handle any of these frequencies at a touch of a button.

Power issues

Like cell phones, two-way radios come with reachable batteries. These batteries are of different sizes and types. They also have variable power storage capacity. It follows that there are those that can go for days without recharging while others run out after a couple of hours of talk time. It’s dangerous to go deep into woodlands or forests for adventurous activities carrying two-way radios that don’t hold talk time power for long.

Realistic features

Some manufacturers claim that their radios can handle communications over a 30-miles range. Candid online two-way radio reviews dispute this claim, meaning that some features are exaggerated to sell the units or to justify their high price tags. It’s therefore significant to obtain a two-way radio from reputable dealers. Buy well-known brands and avoid any brand name that doesn’t sound right. Note that sleek designs don’t guarantee quality, reliability and durability aspects which are vital issues to consider when buying these radios.


Certifications are a way of ensuring that you obtain quality handsets since you can have the two-way radio set changed or repaired at no cost in case of any unforeseen eventualities. Shipping and insurance cost, as well as permit issues also fall in the list of top considerations when buying two-way communication radio for whatever reasons.